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GS Forex Services is the leading foreign exchange company (FFMC) operating in North India.
We understand our customers’ growing Forex needs and hence we constantly strive to bring the fastest, convenient and most economical suite of forex solutions including Foreign Currencies, Travelers Cheques, Forex Travel Cards, and Wired transfers that ensures that our customers get the best forex experience this industry can offer.

In Addition, we also offer Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) services, as well as remittance services to receive money sent from abroad via Western Union, Money Gram, Xpress Money, and Transfast.

We are the Highest Rated Forex Company in Lucknow on Just Dial. Our strength is competitive pricing, ease of service, and customer satisfaction. We believe in Exchanging Trust, and building long relationships with our customers and partners.

Our clientele and partners ranges from Public, NRI’s, PSU’s, Private Companies, Financial Institutions, Money Changers, and Banks.

We maintain high standards of ethics and FEMA compliance.

Currency Converter: USD/INR