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Thank you for showing interest in RMC Agent/Franchisee of GS Forex Services Pvt. Ltd.!
GS Forex is inviting applications from those who are interested to obtain the license from us for conducting the Restricted Money Changing/ Franchisee activities.
An RMC Agent/ franchisee can be any entity which has a place of business and minimum Net Owed Funds (NoF) of Rupees 10 lakh and above. Agent/ Franchisee can take only restricted money changing business, that is, conversion of foreign currency notes, coins or Travelers Cheques into Indian Rupees.
Below are the detailed requirements as mandated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for applying for an RMC or franchisee license with us.
Please note that there may be changes/additions in the items below as and when as directed by the RBI.
1. Minimum New Owned Fund of Rs. 10 Lakh, as verified and certified by a Chartered Accountant(CA).
2. Labor registration/lease agreement/rental agreement/ other applicable municipal certification of the shop/establishment.
3. Conduct certificate of the Agent/franchisee from the local police authorities (certified copy of memorandum and Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation in respect of incorporated entities).
4. Declaration regarding past criminal case, if any, cases initiated/ pending against the Agent/franchisee or its directors/ partners by any law enforcing agency, if any.
5. PAN Card of the Agent/franchise and its directors/partners.
6. Address Proof of the Agent/franchisee and its directors/partners.